Questions about the Prius

The Prius is an extraordinary and unconventional car and is bound to stimulate questions.  You may be thinking of buying one, but are concerned about something.  Perhaps you own one and want to know how best to drive it, look after it and prolong its life.  If you are are technically inclined, you might want to know how it works.  Or, heaven forbid, you might have a problem and be looking for help.

I have gathered here some questions that I've been asked or have seen posted in discussion groups.  There are also questions that I think people perhaps might ask or that I've simply invented to stimulate interest in the car.  For a quick answer, just hold your mouse cursor over the green button in front of the question.  Click if you want to read my best attempt at a complete answer.

Do you plug the Prius in to recharge the battery?
How often do you have to plug the Prius in to recharge the battery?
How long can I leave my Prius without driving it?
Doesn't starting the engine over and over hurt it?
What should I use the B position of the Mode Selector Lever for?
How should I brake to recover the most energy to the battery?

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